From the original idea of a decentralized food truck mobile app, the inception of DuckWeb was born.

DuckWeb is a distributed website hosting community which allows personal machines to communicate with each other as servers. When accessing websites hosted within DuckWeb, client requests are distributed throughout this network of various servers, putting less stress on each machine and accelerating website performance. A DuckWeb site would subsequently be hosted on multiple machines, meaning that if a single server malfunctions, the site would still be accessible. DuckWeb distributes the responsibility of web hosting among its constituency and in turn, shifts power from ISPs and web hosting services to users of the internet. As the DuckWeb community grows, developers will enjoy a more robust, accessible, and sustainable internet.

By adding a server to DuckWeb and helping others host their websites, you may host your website for free!

Future versions may include additional features including but not limited to: P2P client communication, parallel communication with multiple servers/clients, hash for data, time stamp for concurrency, Google Cloud Platform, inclusion of dynamic content hosting.

Tools Used: Python, React.js, MaterialUI, Bootstrap

Tags: IoT, P2P, blockchain, crypto, big data, 5G, AI, machine learning, deep learning, deep web, dark web, visualization, microservice, skynet, quantum computing, automation, API, augmented reality, Snapchat, Google Cloud Platform, Domain, Qualcomm, Leidos, Fannie Mae, MicroStrategy, CapitalOne, ChartIQ, Northrop Grumman, Samba TV, UltraPress, Microsoft, Pariveda Solutions, Novetta, full stack, cross functionality, mobile friendly, UI/UX, DevOps, OOP, framework, firewall, cyber, security, virtual machine, VPN, architecture, modeling, native, responsive, strategy, biometric, HDR, Tor, neural network, HooHacks

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