Monday boards are great for helping teams plan and collaborate within a business, but there's no way to

  1. Surface information publicly without a software engineer
  2. Get customers involved in the planning without relying on surveys.

We experienced this problem first hand for our startup Pory where we have been manually updating our static roadmap whenever a new feature is released or a bug is fixed. As a result, our roadmap is almost never up to date, yet it is the 5th most visited page on our website.

We also found ourselves manually adding feature requests and bugs from Pory's live chat into our backlog board and forgetting who to notify when the requests are fulfilled.

80% of features built are not used... this inspired us to build a no-code widget to complete the feedback loop.

What it does

Ducki is a widget that sticks to the side of your website and expands to show people what's new, what's on the roadmap and a way to submit feature requests/bugs. It takes less than 5 minutes to connect the widget to Monday and as a result is always synced to the changes of your team.

Users can also subscribe to be notified of new features and when the status is changed to done, we'll send out emails to let users know using Monday's email integration.

How I built it

Both the Ducki widget and editor is built using React following's design system. We use node for our backend and MongoDB for storing configuration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We help startups build public roadmaps and collect user feedback without needing to utilise the scarce resources in engineering teams.

What I learned

Monday's workflow automation is amazing. We have moved over from Jira as a result of this hackathon 😊

What's next for Ducki

  • Commenting
  • Upvoting
  • Display more information about each item using data from info boxes (not available in v2)
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