"We had servos and we wanted to make something cool" - Haseeb Malik, 26/11/2017

What it does

The game allows players to throw objects aiming at a duck. Multiple players can play together and compete for the most accurate shots. When played on a phone accelerometer gyroscopes sensors make the game interactive.

How we built it

Each team member did work in a subarea and also general hardware/software/communications work.

Challenges we ran into

*WEB sockets *Linking software and hardware *using AWS *Dragonboard WiFi (setup, hotspot, troubleshooting), Bluetooth *Mechanical problems *Parts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Making everything (different hardware, software, communication) work together

What we learned

Hasee: JavaScript, AJAX, using phonesensors via JS Jakub: Sarunas: Dragonboard, WiFi, electronics Valters Dragonboard (IO, command line, vim), Linux (Debian), some WiFi

What's next for duckduck_catapult

Kickstarter and version 2 coming in 2022.

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