What is Art?

Putting on virtual reality goggles so you can sit in a bathtub, in nature, and play with your rubber duckies. It's about love and futility.

How we built it

Quickly, haphazardly, and aggressively

Challenges we ran into

We have no previous knowledge of creating anything with software, so this was a real challenge to figure out how to do fairly basic things. It was quite challenging but also fun to work with new technologies, like the Leap Motion controller and the Oculus Rift. We had trouble getting them to work together, and even had issues getting the attached physically. We had many moments where we felt like giving up but we're glad to have made it through!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to say that we've gone from Zeros to Heroes. We're proud to have made an amusing experience.

What we learned

We didn't know anything before we started but now we know a lot about unity and how to problem solve many many compiler errors. We learned technology is fun, but also trash.

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