What is this?

This is a text-based adventure style story that focuses on Honker the goose (as seen in the thumbnail) and his quest in search of his best friend, Ducker the rubber goose. This is set at the University of Waterloo campus, with four (main) possible locations to explore.

How did I make this?

I used Ink, which is a narrative scripting language made just for storytelling.

What up next?

Some next steps would probably involve having some images (read: doodles) of Honker as he goes on his quest. Creating this story was actually really fun, so I plan on making more interactive stories like this in the future.

Hear me out on this

It would take you at most 5 minutes to explore every possible piece of information, depending on how fast you read. Take your time! Explore the forest, infuriate the residents, create chaos to your heart's content (or at least, to the game's limitations). Think this as Untitled Goose Game but Canadian, shorter, and more-text-y.

The domain created for this is: myemotionalsupportrubberduckyis.online

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