Duck Driver is a remote-controlled duck that anybody can control from their browser. Users can join a queue and enjoy the views of the University of Bath Campus while adhering to government restrictions regarding COVID-19. We believe it will give students studying remotely, the chance to “waddle” down the parade sooner than expected, visit the lake, and even interact with the other ducks. Additionally, applicants attending university open days, could get access to a RC duck to explore campus more freely, on their own. Our solution consists of a raspberry pi that controls the movement of the RC duck, via a hacked remote control, and a React website, streaming the duck’s camera and allowing users to control it. Additionally, we made a Python server using websockets to communicate between the different components (website and RC duck), allowing for real-time control by the users. Users wait in a circular queue, to take control of the duck. When a user’s turn is up, they can control the movement of the duck for a predefined time-slot.

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