Introduction Experiments with parametric and directional speaker systems have been going on since the early 1960s. Ultrasonic sound has much smaller wavelengths than regular audible sound making it much more directional than a traditional loudspeaker system.

Most speakers are designed to throw sound as far and loud as possible. Parametric speakers are more like a laser beam with the sound focused at high intensity into a relatively small area. The result is that two people can be standing only a few feet apart from each other yet only one of them will hear the directional audio waves emanating from the parametric audio source.

Our project is based on a directional speaker design. The inspiration came from a popular and crazy video game called Saints Row IV. One of the weapons used in is the dubstep gun, which its purpose is to point a determined person and make them dance listening dubstep music. In our scenario, it is desired to design a crazy gun, which its purpose is to point a person and only make him listen that music.

We built it with SMT microprocessor, H-bridge's, rescued components from old PCB's and ones we acquire to play with. For us was the first time doing a project of audio like this, during the development of the Dubzooka the challenge of learning about amplifiers for audio, burning them because of little mistake in current handling (like 24 volts for 2 ohms load, a bit of 12 AMPERES!!!!!), but with that experience we now know what to consider in future designs of audio projects.

For us, Kevin and Carlos, was our first Hackaton, we go and to think and develop a working prototype in 36 hours was rushing in adrenaline and excite.

Any further improvements like a good sound filtering to hear more clear the sound from the ultrasonic speakers and adding for of them to have more sound, we post it here, stay in contact.

Built With

  • amplifier
  • audio
  • c
  • electronics
  • power-electronics
  • smt-micro
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