We were inspired by the existing UW Campus Map and student needs such as finding out times and locations of events and classes. However, we felt that the UW Campus Map was sorely missing some key features that could have helped it reach a much higher potential for use and impact.

What it does

DUBMAPS is a great way to visualize the massive amounts of data for classes and events on campus. Users can use DUBMAPS to see where classes take place and estimate building usage during different times of the day. They may also upload a screenshot of their class schedule and find out immediately where their classes are located. UW Admins can also use the tool to get statistics on UW classes and buildings, allowing for things such as risk management, emergency planning, or classroom placement logistics.

How we built it

We scraped the UW Time Schedule to get data on classes as well as the UW Calendar for events and which buildings they were in. This data was parsed into a JSON file structure and linked to the front end which was built using Leaflet, MapBox and the map tiles from the UW campus map. We then hard coded each building’s three character code to the latitude longitude coordinates (as buildings are unlikely to move). Image recognition and uploading was handled through Imgur's image upload API endpoint and Microsoft's Cognitive Computer Vision service, which parsed the image for course data. We then fed the course data JSON back into the front-end to be presented to the user on the map.

Challenges we ran into

Ask us!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to coordinate well and had a great work pipeline, allowing up to accomplish a lot without excessive organization overhead. Everyone was always busy implementing new features, and every updated master branch was always a treat to pull and checkout.

What we learned

We all learned about new tools, handled the time-pressure of our ambitious project, and taught each other valuable skills in new areas along the way. Furthermore, many of us gained a lot of valuable experience coding with a local team, and working together to move towards every new goal.

What's next for DUBMAPS

We hope to get access to the Student Web Services so that we can streamline the data gathering and improve its accuracy by not having to use a Web Crawler to scrape data. Having access to the UW Building API would also be extremely useful to be able to present more useful information in data visualization and analysis.

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