What it does

Generates text to speech with Trump's voice (or anyone else's)

How we built it

Used IBM's watson speech to text API to parse complete speeches by Trump, record the timestamps, slice the audio files with these timestamps, and store the word fragments into a database. Type text and have Trump say it!

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to integrate this with google's cloud services to allow global access to our app, but it proved too difficult within the 36 hours of the competition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to complete a demo-able project within the time frame given as first-timers for hackathons. Good job team!!

What we learned

We explored and learned of the many technology that is out there, specifically in machine learning.

What's next for DubIt

We may polish the app and make it accessible online for anyone to have fun with!

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