Team: FOOD LOVER Team player: Ben Evans Qin Jiang Zhizhen Lin

Project: transferring images into recipes and listing their calories etc. In this project, we tried to create a simple way to find food and recipe information given an image of the food. For simplicity, we trained the classifier on a limited number of foods including: pie, durian, bananas, and lychee. The user can input an image of the food and the service will find recipies for it.

Technology we use: 1. clarifai's tagging API to tage the name of an image 2. Recipie Search and Diet API from which listing recipies and their detail information after entering the food name

To test it:

  1. open Terminal in Mac, change directory to the project file;
  2. enter python ./
  3. waiting for a while, and open in your web browser
  4. then you can see it!

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