What inspired us

We have been extremely bored during quarantine this year and thought it would be a good idea to try and discover a way to solve this seemingly simpler problem. Taking inspiration from various applications such as Pinterest and TikTok, we decided to make a web application that will allow users to browse various activities to find something new to do.

How we built our project

We all have had experience in web development and decided to use React and Material UI to build our application. We decided to create a database using Firebase's Firestore so that users can upload their own activities and see what other's have uploaded. We started with prototyping on Figma and moved to collaboratively working on the same repository on GitHub.


Learning Firebase and Material UI proved to be semi challenging and time consuming. Material UI was extremely difficult due to the embedded CSS that made it inflexible and hard to edit. We spent around half of our time trying to get objects in the right place and change other properties such as the size and shape of text inputs and cards. Firebase was new and we needed to watch a couple of tutorials, but overall the process was easier than expected.

Why are we excited about this application

While the styling still needs some work (CSS is verrrrryyyy tedious) we are very excited for what we created and even more excited for the potential of this web app. Our vision is to have this application include more features such as liking others posts, ranking more popular activities, filtering activities that are close to you, and even using Machine Learning to target to activities to specific users.

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