The inspiration for our application is to help connect people and build relationships with anyone with a language barrier or that has a hearing impairment using real-time captions, translations, emotional recognition. Our idea was to implement through an AR application that is cross-platform to allow anyone to use it.

Learned: We have learned that react is great for building applications quickly and efficiently. Browser side code is not good at allowing for file manipulations. Data needs to be passed to the API in the correct format and sometimes that data needs to be reformatted before sending. The mentors are just as human as the rest of us and sometimes don't know how to help with our problems. To always continue to be work through the problems be consistent and tenacious.

Challenges: Our challenges for this project have been getting our APIs to work within our application as it is a browser base and some of these API need to manipulate files. Rescoping the initial outline of our project to include adding a database to work with the APIs. Along with adding a backend to control the data manipulation.

Build: The build of the application is Based in React App, using firebase to allow for correct URLs to make the proper API calls. Using Microsoft Azure facial recognition API and Microsoft Azure translate.

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