Homeless in Seattle Inc.


This project was made in under 24 hours at DubHacks 2018 and was made with the aim of helping the general public gain a deeper understanding of the severity of the homelessness situation in the Seattle Area.


We hope to provide a platform which uses powerful visualizations and audio inputs to help the general public understand the severity and reality of homelessness. Our application also serves as a platform where users can donate to under-served areas in Seattle. Users will want to donate on our platform compared to others as we plan on making our annual reports publicly available - detailing which populations we are directly contributing and the changes we are making in the community. We plan to convey this using detailed and powerful data visualizations as presented here.

Besides having the sense of directly impacting the surrounding community through their contributions, users will also want to use our platform as they will be able to enjoy tax breaks from their contributions. They would also be regularly updated on the of their contributions.

In summary: our application aims to inform and engage the community to actively make a change, based on powerful data visualizations and audio inputs on a social problem which thoroughly needs to be addressed in the community.


We used NodeJS, HTML, CSS/SASS, D3.js, and JavaScript. We also used the Google Cloud Platform for Google Maps.

To Improve In The Future

We hope to improve our application in the future by including more powerful and creative data visualizations. We also hope to work on more projects in this overall project which help provide job placement to homeless people in Seattle and housing opportunities.

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