Observing the emerging trends of facebook confession groups posts, we noticed that numerous posts brings up issues regarding people' deteriorating state of mental health (self harm, depression, suicide attempts). We came up with this idea after we decided that we wanted to be able to reach out to these individuals to help them.

What it does

A web app made from complete scratch that allows people with mental/personal problems to speak their mind anonymously. Individuals feeling the need to destress/talk can submit a post on the web app. Everyone on the site can then see the post and have an open discussion about the outstanding issue. Professionals healthcare members can also have a special account where they can log in and keep track of post that interest them.

How we built it

We built this project by:
1. Create initial react app using create-react-app
2. Create the structure of Redux-React by creating folders and files for stores, components, actions
3. Create a firebase database and setup the configs in the .env file in the Redux-React app
4. Implement the front end of the webapp with hardcoded data
5. Convert the hardcoded data to database calls for posting and retrieving items from the database
6.Added CSS and HTML design to the different webapp pages
7.Added mock authentication for login and logout function

Challenges we ran into

First time using redux, react and firebase. Importing/exporting/editing data all proved to be challenges We were stuck for a very long time on connecting the Firebase database to the react-redux. However after hours of struggle we were able to solve the problem and reach our goals at the end of the hack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite numerous challenges we still complete the webapp's basic main functions. We are proud that started the project with 0 knowledge on react-redux, html, and css. We were able to create a working website with a backend database from scratch through tutorials. We did not simply clone a working app and then reskin it because. We believe that we would be able to learn much more if we created our very own app

What we learned

We learned a lot about react-redux and the structures of developing a webapp. In addition, we learned a lot about thinking bout the needs of the people that will be using our app and how we can make it easier for others to help themselves

What's next for Talk it out

1.Implement features that allow Future professional can moderation and give suggestion to people they think are in distress/concerning situation
3. Expand it with machine learning or AI to the analyze keywords in confession post and direct healthcare professionals to these users based on data collected.
2. Make it more user friendly and increase the UX experience. Move away from materialized CSS and make more of a customize css

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