Mentoring students on improving their reading skills.

What it does

Using proven techniques of using both whole word recognition as well as phonics on the sub-word level, this app strives to use a diverse approach to mentor students on how to read. This application also serves as a source for mentors to drop in and tutor whenever they would like.

How I built it

Initially built with Swift but later shifted to work for Android.

Challenges I ran into

Not enough time to finish every aspect of this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app can hopefully make a difference and help students, especially amidst the pandemic and the online education that has proven to be challenging for both students and educators.

What I learned

App development can be challenging

What's next for DubbedOnPhonics

To go through implementation and hopefully be able to make a difference for students who are struggling with learning how to read.

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