The legalization of cannabis is a social justice issue, and as more and more states are on board to legalize cannabis, it becomes more socially acceptable. We see the need for a technology platform to be built.

What it does

Allows users to connect on a P2P market place to buy and sell cannabis in states where its legal utilizing the blockchain. Acts as a social network for cannabis users to connect and smoke together.

How I built it

Utilizing Here Maps API to map out the network's landscape and Blockchain to handle financial transactions, we were able to develop a platform for cannabis users to connect.

Challenges I ran into

A few of the API's were slightly tricky to use, but we were able to overcome these obstacles!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully streamlined the process to buy and sell cannabis along with meeting up with others.

What I learned

Learned to geolocate and how to implement the Haversine formula to localize results from a database. Gained experience with using a blockchain for secure financial transactions.

What's next for Dub Hub

Turning it into a full mobile app, in addition to expanding the user base.

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