This is a Dual Screen : Pic Viewer app that supports MHL devices. For the app to work seamlessly both Phone as well as Smart TV should be MHL supported. The app supports Android 4.2.2 and above. This technology is eminent from Silicon Image who are pioneers of leading HD connectivity standards. The app works when it is attached to an external secondary display via MHL cable to phone and it even works if it is not connected to an external secondary display.

This App is built Mainly Focusing On the productivity Criteria. For Example , It can be very Helpful to the members attending board meeting where the statical condition of the company is shown on a Large Screen HDTV and even construction company can use it to show whats the progress of their construction going on a particular construction sites.. More uses can be drawn as per the requirement of an individual.

For the app to work we have to connect the mobile phone with an external HDTV , After Connecting The Mobile with The HDTV, We Run This App you will find its written to long press the rectangular thumbnail to add image to it from your gallery.. Repeat this same process to add more pic to different thumbnails. if u just simple click (not long press) on the thumbnail it will display the image on the phone as well as on the HDTV in a Larger View. You can slide the set of thumbnails and on the image you want to see on the larger screen. The Images added to thumbnails are temporary if the app is closed the sequence in which the images are added will be lost.

This is all about this App... Thank You

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