It was an idea since 2018 to building telecom services on top of blockchain. Current services in telecom mostly created and maintained by single company. It's not clear how they store and manage clients data. Reliability and security couldn't be guarantee using this approach. Same time customers has limited ways to request some features or even bug fixes.

Using modern blockchain with fast and cheap transactions and modern open-source software for distributed WebRTC SFU we are building a decentralized Communications Platform as a Service supported by community (DAO).

What it does

It's a b2b SaaS. Developers can integrate dTelecom SDK into services to add real-time audio/video communications and pay only for minutes spent. There are different companies providing such services like Twilio or Vonage.

Main difference is in infrastructure. Conferences use decentralized network of nodes maintained by independent mainers.

How we built it

We built MVP using NEAR blockchain and ion-sfu project.
There 4 parts:
1) smart contract - provide secure billing between miners and clients
2) frontend - provides interfaces for clients and miners to manage deposits and staking
3) node software - miners run on their servers to provide services for WebRTC conferences
4) client software - frontend and backend for web conferences

Challenges we ran into

All challenges were resolved using chat or office hours.
The main challenge was to make it in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally we have working MVP in mainnet.

What we learned

How to build on NEAR - it's really much more simple comparing with another blockchains.

What's next for dTelecom

We have a large list of TODO.
1) Marketing - we need our first customers
2) Community - we need our first miners
3) Technical debt - a lot of things

And later we are planning to add more different services like:
instant messaging
VoIP calls

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