Although workers in manufacturing environments strive to be safe, industrial operators suffer from lowered visibility when operating their machines. It is common for large vehicles to have large blind spots which increase the risk of an accident. It is not financially feasible for companies to replace entire fleets with newer vehicles with blind spot detection systems. The motivation for this project was to create a proof of concept for a proximity sensor that could be implemented easily on older equipment.

What It Does

Our group aspired to combine systems development and app development to create a phone application that operators could use to detect objects in blind spots. A module would be installed on their equipment, consisting of a proximity sensor and a phone mounting system. The operators phone would have an application which received data from the proximity sensor. The phone could display if blind spots were clear or had an obstruction. This blind spot detection system could be easily installed on older equipment, therefore increasing safety and lowering the cost required for such an implementation.

How We Built It

The implementation uses systems and app development. A Raspberry Pi 3 and IR Obstacle Module would detect obstructions at a certain distance. An android application would display the status of the blind spots to the operator. We were able to construct the proximity sensor system which accurately displayed whether an obstruction was present or not. We were also able to construct an android app which captured the cosmetic essence of our project.

Challenges We Ran Into

We would have liked to use a server to interface the proximity sensor and the app, but due to time constraints we were unable to. If given more time, we would love to implement such an interface.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Overall, we are proud of how our proof of concept turned out and learned a lot about systems and app development along the way.

What's next for DTecht

If the opportunity presents itself, we would love to complete the interface between our proximity sensor and app. It would also be interesting to see our idea implemented in large industrial vehicles.

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