Here's the elevator pitch

A blockchain network for users and mobile carriers to swap unused mobile data for future usages




Cosmos has potential to commoditize blockchain.

What it does

Allow users and carriers to capture value of unused data.

How We Built it

  1. React for web UI.
  2. Node JS manages user database and swap contracts.
  3. Node JS send hashed swap contract to Cosmos DEX to trade.
  4. Swap contract are treated as limited buying and selling order on Cosmos Dex.
  5. Cosmos Dex for Trading, Stake Module for Carrier Staking.

Challenges We ran into

Set up demo network and customize DEX

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Put together a new idea and a team together on Cosmos in two days.

What We learned

Opportunities come any time and so be prepared

What's next for DSWAP

White Paper

Built With

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