dStuff is a decentralized sharing economy with a trustless renter to renter marketplace. dStuff is 1/3rd the cost of traditional platforms and includes full damage/liability insurance.


We all believe in trying to combat climate change, and are trying to find new ways to shift consumer behaviour

What it does

For sellers: dStuff makes it easy to earn passive income by selling your unused items, without the headaches of traditional sharing platforms. List an item just like on Kijiji, and then it is rented from user to user without any involvement on your end. You earn immediate network credit, and a fee each time the item is rented.

For renters: dStuff is 1/3 of the rental costs of traditional sharing platforms, and has tighter quality control.

How we built it

Network Diagram

Challenges we ran into

To pursue this network as a mainstream product, we knew the UX had to be better or at least on-par with today's sharing economy platforms. While Ethereum has come a long way with products like Metamask and Status.im, to help users navigate blockchain transactions and handle private keys, it is still not an ideal user experience that any user can be onboarded to. For this, we have designed a custodial wallet service that assigns unique Ethereum wallets to each user that hides Ethereum gas fees and transaction approvals. While we are not satisfied with this approach, we plan to move forward with finding creative solutions that bridge this gap while maintaining full decentralization. Torus is a sponsor that we have identified as being able to help us solve this challenge and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Payments were also a challenge due to the lack of payment providers that provide direct credit card to smart contract transactions. We want users who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to feel comfortable using our network while still benefitting from the network's decentralization aspects. One service we attempted to integrate with that solves this challenge was Chainlink, but unfortunately we encountered issues with integrating their service fully. We are excited to work with them in the going forward to complete this integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very excited about the amount of work we were able to complete this weekend and can't wait to show it to the judges and hear their thoughts. We believe we have a compelling product and a functioning prototype. With three members on our team we were able to accomplish:

  • Full Mockups and UX Flows
  • React-based Progressive Web App
  • NodeJS Server Backend with Built-in Oracle services for communicating with the Ethereum Blockchain

What's next for dStuff

We plan on pursuing this idea as a startup, and have already engaged potential partners this weekend. We will be moving towards a 100% decentralized model, this includes payments, authority, and insurance.

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