Machine Intelligence Care Management App Platform for Diabetes

Take a picture powered by Machine Learning to find out the exact glycemic index of your meal. Shop groceries at home with your voice using Amazon Alexa. Video Chat with a virtual doctor!


A simple-to-use integrated platform for balancing everyday life for those with Type II Diabetes, from shopping for groceries with your voice to meal analysis via a photo to the ability to first-stage preventative screening at-home for diabetes-related eye complications.

Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Voice Enabled Care App Platform for Type II Diabetes


We create an elegant technology platform to give Type II diabetes people more freedom in dining choices, frictionless and safe grocery shopping and at-home screenings.


“Index Anything Before you Eat”: Take a photo of your meal or browse any food photo on Yelp or FoodSpotting: We use state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning to analyze each dish for glycemic index.

“Frictionless Shopping for your Health:” Select balanced meal recipes and shop with your voice through Amazon Alexa and have your entire grocery list delivered - without the dangers of shopping for things you should not eat!

“First Stage At-Home Preventative Screening” lets you test your vision with a phone-sized Smellen chart, and video-chat with an eye doctor virtually.


We integrate with:

Doctor offices

Existing grocery pipelines such as Amazon Alexa for Amazon Groceries, Amazon Prime Now, Whole Foods, as well as parcel delivery services and over 1,000 Alexa Ecosystem Skills.

We also integrate with common fitness IoT solutions like FitBit.

For patients with access to EyeNeutra phone attachment, we can provide more-indepth preventative screenings for their eye exams.


Yosun Chang - Experienced award-winning CTO/developer/founder with 20+ years of technical experience spanning full stack LAMP/Flash from 1997 and 10+ years of augmented reality development since 2007, since days when OpenCV was for geeky hobbyists and Vuforia was known as QCAR. Clients include startups to big companies from Autodesk to Microsoft to Intel to SAP and Zappos and dozens of others. In her dark past, she once tried to reverse engineer partial construction of the human body as a Bioengineering Pre-Med student @ UC San Diego.

Divya Dhar - Former healthtech founder, MedTech Boston 40 Under 40, Wharton MBA with undergrad training as a doctor/surgeon, experienced business development product leader with an ability to observe and synthesize user behavior to find actionable insights.

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