Current conditions in Africa are non-conducive to promoting sustainable energy sources. Low income community members are deeply affected by this issue, also sometimes not able to access main grid electricity. There was a need to enable more environmentally friendly sources of energy for basic daily functions like cooking. Our team felt a sense of social responsibility to bring a solution forward.

We produced a cooker which is able to use the biogas energy and remain reliable and durable as a product.

Adaptation was done from an existing appliance design, to suit the new intended function. This renders the product robust and easy to manufacture. Initial investment by the manufacturer will not be required to build the product.

We faced an unfamiliar energy source that required deep and analytical insight to understand, working from theory. Getting to the communities where field trial units were set up, was a difficult task.

This will be the first produced biogas cooker of its kind, already in the phase of real-life testing.

In-field testing provided far more information than expected.

Further role out of the product to more homes, is expected. We need to investigate scalability of the product to make biogas more and more viable and promote it as a sustainable alternative.

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