Inspiration - Advancements in IoT as well as learning about the Particle Photon capabilities

What it does - Uses cloud and wifi connected to Particle Photon which then connects to SmartWatch/Pebble for Duplex communications so that various electronics can be turned off and on or sensors can be read for object analysis.

How we built it - Used breadboard circuitry with Particle Photon and Ultrasonic Ranging Module combined with a 3D encasing for the embedded system. Programmed using Particle Dev and researched data sheets of the Particle Photon and the Sonar sensor to connect them all with the smartwatch.

Challenges we ran into - Spent numerous hours debugging when sonar sensor appeared to malfunction when in reality was just a loose wire. Had some software coding issues. Crunched on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Writing the Particle Photon code to sync the sensor readings and notify the smartwatch user, as well as building the 3D encasing, the prototype door, and the complete circuit system.

What we learned - We learned the various applications for the Particle Photon as well as how to sync a smartwatch through the cloud/WiFi and create a functional detection system.

What's next for DSOS - Duplex Smart Object Sensor - It can be made cheaply and easily improved for mass production for factories to conserve energy and money on light monitoring as well as various home security applications.

Built With

  • particle-dev
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