Inspiration: To build an online, interactive learning platform to spread DSEP's expert content in a meaningful and memorable manner. How can we increase the number of experts around the globe while still keeping costs low? How can we effectively measure the number of live's reached via DSEP contents?

What it does

DSEP Interactive Learning Platform is an online interactive course for teachers, mentors, parents and youth leaders to learn about body confidence and related issues. Completion of course will lead to a certified DSEP Ambassador status and membership in the DSEP expert community. This will enable changemakers to collaborate on tackling self-esteem issues present in the community. Each ambassador will receive a referral code that can be passed onto others for gaining access to the online course. Every time someone uses a referral code, the referee receives points and recognition that counts towards their status in the expert community. This status is visualised via the "lives reached" scoreboard. Advancing on the scoreboard leads to an increase in status within the ambassador community. Additionally, leaders are eligible for participating in UN conferences or panel discussions on self-esteem matters.

How we built it

Using DSEP API and social media integration tools. Dove content syndication will allow learning platform to interact with data remotely.This prototype solution demonstrates and measures the true number of ‘lives reached’ through the referral code that they can pass onto others.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Figuring out the initial investment required to start this project. We estimated the numbers but we have to make sure that we already include all the related-costs.
  2. How to show a true number of lives reached? This required investigation of the current number of lives reached as per Dove's research. Understanding this metric required quite a lot of investigation on how the number was derived from teachers, parents or mentors using DSEP's material to make a "real difference"

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out a way to measure social impact via introducing an idea of "lives reached" score. We have also introduced an idea for ensuring collaboration, accountability and sharing amongst a global community of ambassadors. As per our estimates, we are proud to report that cost per intervention would be reduced to less than £0.55 and that 20 million + lives reached by 2020 thanks to use of online networks.

What we learned

Effective learning takes place when an individual is fully engaged with content. Through an interactive learning platform we are increasing the quality of information parents, mentors and teachers will receive on self-esteem and related matters. We learned how to work with the information Dove gave us on its current DSEP usage and how we could turn this into something meaningful, measurable and reachable for a bigger scale.

What's next for DSEP Interactive Learning Platform

Pilot programme in the UK with a small number of schools. Tapping into an already existing Edmodo (teacher network) community to recruit teachers for DSEP Expert Certification Status.

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