Co-operative multiplayer games like Overcooked, PULSAR and many more.

What it does

A barebones but relatively polished (for 24hrs lol) slice of the core gameplay loop of a Singaporean Kopitiam cooking simulation game.

How we built it

Unity3D as an engine. Adobe Animate and Blender for art assets (all self-made). Photon PUN 2 as the networking API and framework for peer-to-peer multiplayer, using their servers as punch-through. Bosca Ceoli for the main menu and gameplay music tracks.

Challenges we ran into

Time limit of 24hrs is really short when making a functional game haha.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First hackathon yay :> The game works works, and actually has completed win/loss states. making it a full game. Albeit a short one. Also it has multiplayer, which usually makes things multiple times more difficult kekW.

What we learned

Lots about the Adobe Animate -> Unity workflow and first time dabbling into making actual VGM. First time exploring the 2D cut-out aesthetic in a 3D space, lots of potential there.

What's next for us

The game can be expanded on fairly easily with new stations and food recipes due to the data-based implementation of the asset code, but one can only draw so much jank. On to the next game! :)


PhatRobit for their imposter sprites implementation that was modified for this project. Unity Packages used: Photon PUN 2, Cinemachine, TextMeshPro2. The remaining assets (art/music/code) was made by myself with the following programs: Adobe Animate, TexturePacker, Bosca Ceoli, Audacity, Unity3D, VS and Blender.

Built With

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