Dry or Cry!


On Friday we were preparing our clothes for coming to the hackathon, we had been preparing everything and we had done the laundry the night before in order to bring our fav physics t-shirt but... the clothes were not dry!

What it does

DryOrCry is an interactive website that allows you to compute the among of time that you will need to dry your clothes depending on the weather of the day since the dry process depends heavily on the temperature, wind and the relative humidity as well as the radiation incoming from the sun.

How we built it

The interactive website was created using Python and nbinteract and hosted in Github. The weather data was acquired using the OpenWeatherData API. We also tried to include this in a Telegram bot in order to make it more user friendly for mobile phones.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, this was the first hackathon for all of us and as physics students, we had heard something about interfaces, GitHub, website creation, Telegram bots... but we had not so we decided to learn everything from scratch during this hackathon!

At the end, the webpage is not interacting but we still have the JupyterNotebook that accomplishes the interaction and allows you to choose your city.

What we learned

Since it was our first experience developing an interactive interface, we learned a lot!

  • What is an API and how to use it
  • How to create a html website using Python
  • How to build a repo and host a webpage in GitHub
  • How to start creating a Telegram bot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to build a website and doing the simulation using data from API by learning everything from scratch in 36 hours.

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