It is not easy to give up alcohol for a month. That's why we created this skill on Alexa to help you achieve your goal.

What it does

Dry January helps you track your alcohol intake, whether it is just for a month or for a more healthy alcohol consumption whole year-round.

You can enter your daily alcohol intake and follow throughout the month the number of units of alcohol consumed, the number of calories that it is equivalent to and the money you have spent.

This skill helps you complete the challenge "Dry January" to enjoy the benefits of an alcohol-free month. You'll see it is not that hard! In a few days, you will already feel the benefits. You will improve your sleep, have more energy, lose weight and even save money. So, are you up for the challenge?

How we built it

The resources used by the project (Lambda, DynamoDB, Monitoring, Alerting CodeCommit, CodePipeline, etc...) are managed with a Cloudformation stack.

The project uses continuous integration and continuous deployment through CodePipeline.

Dry January is built with Jovo Framework. We have integrated APL and APL-Audio to improve the user experience. We use Slack and Jira to deal with project management.

What we learned

A lot of things:

  • How to automatically generate a video with After Effect and nodejs.
  • How to manage infrastructure and deploy code with CloudFormation
  • Create responsive mail design
  • How to integrate APL and APL Audio in a skill and optimize the layout on different types of devices.
  • Optimize skill model to allow a natural conversation. One will follow the dialogue step by step to provide information on alcohol consumption, other will give the information in a single sentence.

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