We need to the best beer pong athletes in the world, lowkey though. Therefore, we developed the revolutionary Drunken Masters, a virtual reality game made with Google Cardboard, Unity, and Myo that simulates the game of beer pong.

What it does

Using Google Cardboard as a VR headset, and Myo to detect arm throwing moment, users can play a virtual game of beer pong. (It's not perfect though l)

How we built it

We used Google Cardboard SDK, Unity, C#, and MYO SDK and LOVE.

Challenges we ran into

Short on time, getting the correct aim of the balls, and orienting our starting position.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time working with virtual reality. Successfully implemented both Myo and virtual reality in one project.

What we learned

That we should not slack and that sleep is for the weak.

What's next for Drunken Masters

Providing better graphic designs and perfecting throwing accuracy.

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