Despite the clear benefits of rooftop solar, the technology has not reached its potential in the general Australian market. We want everyone to be able to clearly see both the financial and environmental advantages of switching over.

What it does

Simple Solar uses geographical, meteorological data, and user input to create a personalised estimate as to how much a household can save on energy bills each year by making the change to solar energy, and the equivalent reduction in greenhouse emissions.

How we built it

We built an web app using javascript and google API

What we envision

That the application can be used to compare between different solar providers and configurations. Then using the comparison service as an agent for the industry and generate revenue through contract commissions.

What we learned

Entering 'Hack The Sun' with limited solar knowledge, we've learned first and fore-mostly that switching to solar is the obvious choice for the rational homeowner. We have further established the complexity of the industry and the huge potential for future growth. Ultimately however, we learned about each other - our strengths, our weaknesses and how to work collaboratively and productively in the context of a hackathon.

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