Most of the existing feedback systems used by merchandisers these days are predictable and dull. These systems do not produce great user experience and thus have low participation rate. We want to change that situation by creating a fun feedback system that produce great user experience.

What it does

DrumBack its a web-app that makes feedback process more enjoyable and funnier by allowing the user to input their feedback through voice control and drumming actions. It also has an add-on feature which is a musical game. So, after you eat your food or meal at certain restaurant and before you walk out through the doors, you will find the drums to play and indicate your feedback, in such funny way,

How we built it

We built our app with Django framework, Javascript, HTML5, Arduino, and the speech recognition API from HPE Haven OnDemand.

Challenges we ran into

Since we did not have ready-made electronic drums, we had to build the "drums" using pressure sensors and Arduino. We also had difficulties in bridging the python web app with the sensors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We first met at the hackathon and had to make use of our skills and sort out the workload appropriately and we managed doing so perfectly, every team member has work responsible to do and deadline in which to submit, where we come together and merge all the work and we managed successfully.

We faced hell lots of problems with the Arduino sensors implementing it with Arduino and django framework and javascript and managed to overcome.

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Woww, that's amazing app, imagine I was at restaurant and I did get shitty food then I will be able to submit my complain through drumming... that's really cool app.

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