I believe that the state of medicine and healthcare will depend upon how researchers and the public understand clinical information. Around us the Genomic Revolution, 100,000 Genome Project, and the aggregation of hospital data yields large quantities of data that can hold the answer to effective public health services and medicines. To make sense of this big data, data visualization and bioinformatics are essential. I am inspired by the need for applications in the intersection of health and computer science and was very eager to come here, my first hackathon, to begin working on an application that I believe will have a lot of potential for researchers and doctors. My hack can take information, such as the number of clinical trials for certain drugs – from vaccines to aspirin  - and have this information visualized while the user is querying the drugs in the database. I am communicating with a professor at Columbia’s Medical Center to obtain clinical data that could be added to the database simply by pushing an array onto a growing list of drug relationships (availableTags.push([drug], value)). As the information in this database grows, there will be greater potential for use in the application and more value to researchers, clinicians, and professors. 
I am most proud of the d3 visualization that I implemented in this project. Prior to coming to the unhackathon, I read the Online Data Visualization for the Web by Scott Murray to develop a grasp of all the features. Having had more than 30 hours to familiarize myself with this impressive tool and go much farther beyond Murray’s tutorials, I am very happy with the sorting, bar visualization, and data generation that I can present. By sorting the drugs not only by their immediate relevance to the queried term, but also by another relationship represented by the graphs that can be readily called by the user is exciting. It is the first major feature of this project that I intend to greatly expand upon it in the future. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to build and learn with so many talented others. And a very special thanks to Jess & Chris who saved me many hours of banging my head against a wall.

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