This skill is only available in Spanish because all the medical information it shows is only in this language.


Everyone at some point in our lives has to take medicine and we read its leaflet. Also, there are elderly and chronically ill patients who have many medications at home. Sometimes we need to read the leaflet of a medicine and we don't have it accessible.

What it does

This skill helps you to read, have organized and always accessible the leaflets of all medicines that are traded in Spain. In addition, the skill allows you to mark your favorite medications to access their leaflets more quickly. When it is officially available, the skill also shows the photo of the medicine box.

How I built it

The information is obtained through the API of the Spanish Medicines Agency.

The skill remembers your favorite medicines using DynamoDB.

To find a specific medication, the skill will first ask you the name of the medication. If the skill finds many medications with a similar name, then it will also ask you for the name of the laboratory that makes this medication. Thanks to this filter by laboratory name, the skill can already show you 1-5 results and you will choose one.

When the medication has been selected, the skill will tell the index of the leaflet. so that the user decides which section of the leaflet to read by Alexa.

The background images, icons, etc. are stored in S3.

The skill is available in Spanish.

To increase the number of users in my skills, in the "Help" section I announce other skills.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge has been learning APL during the last days and include all the functionality before the deadline of the contest.

But the biggest challenge has been for the skill to find the medication that the user pronounces. Not always the names of drugs are pronounced and written the same.

Perhaps Amazon will publish in the future a slot called "medication name" :)

I'm not a designer but I'm happy with the graphic appearance of the skill and with the images I have prepared for the contest. But I want to improve the design in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to make public data available to many users and patients.

What I learned

I learned to develop skills for Alexa. I also learned about the Skills certification process in the store. In addition, I learned APL and a lot about the Amazon ecosystem used in this project (Lambda, lambda versioning, DynamoDB, S3, IAM roles ...). I have also learned to use external APIs from AWS lambda.

What's next for Drug information (Información Medicamentos)

I hope it is very useful for users. I will listen to your feedback to add new improvements. In the future I want to add more info about the medicines and medical treatments.

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