Drug Diary is not a pill tracker, but a means to quickly build an inventory of prescribed and OTC medications you have taken along with notes on your experiences. This is done using locally stored medication information from the National Library of Medicine and quick data entry methods that minimize typing. You can then track your experiences with those medications using notes and a variety of formatted reports that can be viewed on the device or emailed in PDF format. Store info on your physicians and pharmacies and tie them to your medication records using the contacts feature. You also have once tap access to the latest information on your medications from MedlinePlus, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.  Drug Diary is a great solution for maintaining a list of prescription and over the counter medications you are taking along with all pertinent information required by your healthcare providers. It is also ideal for maintaining a record of medications you have tried for chronic conditions, along with dated notes regarding side effects and results. In both cases, it's not only easy to enter and maintain the info, but also display it using a number of different PDF report formats suited to meet different situations. Drug Diary takes advantage of the great accessibility features available on iOS to allow everyone to benefit from it.  Please see http://developer.apple.com/technologies/ios/accessibility.html for more information on these wonderful features of iOS. Drug Diary was designed and developed by Jeff Rames of Floodlight Software LLC

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