Our inspiration was various stories of people overdosing on medication, specifically toddlers and elderly people who were incapable of taking the right amount of medication without the help of others. Our group felt strongly about this issue, as we all are close to either young children or elderly people.

What it does

This device scans an NFC enabled prescription card, verifies the person's identity via facial recognition, checks its database to see how many pills is in the person's dosage, then dispenses the appropriate dosage of pills. If this product were utilized by pharmacies, the doctor prescribing would have control of the dosage stored in the system.

How we built it

This device was constructed with two Arduinos, a Raspberry Pi, and a relay. We mounted all these, as well as an RFID reader, 3D printed cup and medicine tube, solenoid, and buck converters, to a wooden board for ease of transport. The first Arduino controlled the RFID reader, which scanned an NFC card and sent the appropriate data to the Raspberry Pi. From there, the Raspberry Pi compared the incoming data to its stored data, used AWS services to perform bio-metric authentication and sent the corresponding dosage amount to the second Arduino. This controlled the relay, which controlled the solenoid. It dispensed individual pills by opening and closing for a calibrated number of time.

Challenges we ran into

We spent the majority of the hackathon attempting to use a Dragon board, which we were unable to get working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we got the entire system working, especially the accurate use of the solenoid.

What we learned

We learned about communication between systems.

What's next for Drug Dealer

We could see this product being used anywhere that prescriptions are used (hospitals, drug stores, retirement communities, etc.

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posted an update

Our team plans to evolve Drug Dealer to the flawless system we originally envisioned. Multiple dispensers for varying medication, more secure identification, and wireless communication with it's users are all ideas the team has suggested. We plan on developing our healthcare device into something beyond our original capabilities. We hope out project will go on to help make peoples lives easier, safer, and healthier.

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