Patients suffer with longer duration of illness due to lack in knowledge of what type of food to avoid with the medicines they are taking.

What it does

MedKitt provides the hands-on health education to the users along with auto-scheduling and messaging function to help patients manage their daily medication and report their health status to family and physicians.

How we built it

We started with prototype design and we used Java and Javascript to complete the demo.

Challenges we ran into

We want to use the bar code scan technology to replace the regular sign up and log in and automatically combine dosage information for all medications for the user. This may require partnership with pharmacies to generate the bar code which includes all medications. So we did not build it in the demo this time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to finish the prototype design and we made a really great demo app too. Knowing the purpose of this idea, to create easier login and better accessibility for the patients as well as provide them simple and important indicators of the medications they are taking, we feel very proud to accomplish what we have done.

What we learned

We learned experience and knowledge from each other, it was a great teamwork. We also learned additional technology and resources from each other.

What's next for MedKitt to be continue

Build partnerships with the pharmacies and hospitals, enable the scan to login and medication consolidation technology.

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