Drug overdose is becoming almost an epidemic in parts of the United States. Recently, my friend has came out to me about his recreational drug use. However, in our conversations I've noticed that he does not know much about the things he inhales or smokes, and instead gets it from wherever he can without knowing what's inside the package. This site is intended to remove the gray area between the inhaler and the inhalant by informing them exactly what is going on between their transaction. We believe that if people know more about the drugs they do from an unbiased view, they can make proper decisions.

What it does

Drug Addiction Anonymous is a resource for teenagers and adults who have questions about drugs and drug abuses. There, they can have their questions answered via informational sections, an online forum, and a chatbot for emergencies.

How I built it

We used glitch for HTML5, javascript, and CSS to host a website where we can hold our resources, all on glitch. We also used IBM-Watson for the chatbot.

Challenges I ran into

Before this hackathon, I did not know how to use HTML5 or javascript or CSS. Also, we had difficulty putting our different coding backgrounds into one project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of/What I learned

I learned how to use HTML5 and web design to present information! I am proud that things produced onto the screen.

What's next for Drug Addiction Anonymous

Making a functional chatbot onto the website itself, a workable backend/frontend relationship, more information, and an online forum.

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