The average wait time to get a physician appointment across the 15 metropolitan cities in USA ranges from a lowest value of 10.2 days in Dallas to the highest value of 45.4 days in Boston.(

On the other hand, according to a report by Medical Group management Association, total revenue loss of clinic income ranges from 3-14%. According to a survey by Merrit Hawkins (, for a approx 1 Million providers, each with a 1.5 million dollars of revenue generation, this problem leads to about 120B in lost revenue due to patient no-shows and cancellations. Our state of the art platform, Druber provides a innovative platform to increase provider utilization and reduce appointment delays for patients. The true value proposition comes from an ability to bring doctors and patients real time in a location aware context.

Here are the salient features of the application:

  1. The provider proactively publishes his available open appointment slots to all the patients using the application. This helps them to think ahead to plan for maximum utilization. This creates an "Exchange or a Uber" like platform for Doctors to compete with each other to provide faster patient care. This is innovative because we create a healthy yet competitive platform where doctors not only compete with each other to reduce any lost revenue no-show/cancellation but more importantly, the patients get quicker access to healthcare, thereby making the overall patient satisfaction in this country.
  2. The patient can request for appointments with a broad range of criteria, for ex: I want an appointment with an Endocrinologist in the next week in the SFO area. The doctors in that area get notification in real-time and can pick up the patient if they have an opening.
  3. The patient looks for doctors with a specialization in the neighborhood (app is location aware), picks an appointment, and requests to "Book" it and gets a confirmation. In this case, the provider or the doctor's office has an ability to deny an appointment if the patient has a history of being a "No-Show" on numerous occasion.
  4. The application integration with HDS (Honda Developer Studio) and serves two use cases. 4a. When a patient is driving in a neighborhood, the doctors in the area can reach them through an easy to listen and see the dashboard with their contact information. 4b. On the other hand, if a doctor is driving in the neighborhood, he gets notified of patients in that location who are looking to be seen immediately. The doctor has an option to either visit them at their home (at an incremental premium price), or advise them to come to his clinic at the next available slot.

  5. DRuber Messenger - A cool, convenient and safe way for doctors to engage in mobile health care delivery. With this extension app, doctors could treat current and new patients on the go - a phenomenon that is common in providing community health service in rural and difficult to reach areas. The doctor's car dash will announce patient proximity and condition and the doctor can respond with voice and the system accepts appointments on the go!

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