Opioid and other prescription drug addiction has become a real problem so much so that it's been placed on President Obama's Initiative list which he has proposals of over $1.1B.

What it does

We built a Raspberry Pi with a Servo that when triggered by the database turns the Servo to let a gumball down like a pill would. Users talk with their doctor through our Messenger bot and when either the doctor authorizes a dosage or it's reached the elapsed required time the user presses the button which checks the database if they're allowed a doseage and if they are it triggers the Servo to turn the gumball machine dropping mechanism which lets down a gumball.FB Messenger

How we built it

The user can chat with the messenger bot and the doctor can authorize pills which updates the MongoDB which the the Raspberry Pi is hitting through the Express API endpoints.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues when running the servo because the boards power supply was too low to move the motor. We tried attaching an auxiliary Power supplies (9 V battery) but the resistors we were using to create the voltage drops necessary to get in the range of 4.8 – 6 V had a very small resistance (10 Ohms) created a large current (900 mA) which exceeded the wattage rating on the resistor which in turn then created an unstable system that either would have crashed the board or fried the resistor. We also ran into issues with the Pulse/Square wave generation of the Raspberry not working correctly, the library we were using did not communicate with the pulse generation. We had a lack of the correct hardware as well. We spent the first 12 hours scouring East Lansing for parts that the hardware lab did not have in stock. By the time we got everything we needed we ran into programming environment problems, for it took us about another 3 – 4 hours to set up the PI because of slow download speeds/corrupted data that happened when working with the set up SD card.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hooking all the hardware and software together

What we learned

How to interface the Raspberry Pi with our servers, how to do pin mapping in python. Relearning Server Configs and subdomains.

What's next for DrPoppy

Implementing it into a better dispensing mechanism with a lock. Ditching the Raspberry PI for an Arduino and smaller sensors that can detect fraud and abuse with the Pills.

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