Drowsy driving is dangerous, especially within city intersections where a lot of people and cars meet. Tiring individuals will surely endanger the lives of not only themselves, but many others as well.

We are using proprietary facial recognition technology to denote signs of drivers becoming drowsy: if their eyes are closed for over two seconds or have blinked more than six times in that time frame, they'll receive a warning; detection of eyes closed for over five seconds will activate a resounding alert that desists when driving is halted and the alarm is manually turned off.

Detection also warns all the iBeacon users in the area: pedestrians, cyclist, other drivers and essentially anyone the app installed will receive a notification warning them of a drowsy driver in proximal range, and that they should be careful. Given the present-day epidemic of pedestrians consumed by their phone screens whilst on the move, this service will keep them informed and in check of the world moving around their physical vicinity.

Please understand this is build on iOS as a demo-people can place a docking station in their car to prop the iPhone and angle the front camera at face level. We can build an integrated solution within the car itself with minimal requirements of a camera, a computer (for processing), and a beacon. No internet is required for this app.

Hopefully this solution will facilitate a diminished occurrence of drowsy drivers and accidents within the city intersections.

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