People with large properties had to deal with their security by using very expensive surveillance systems or pay guards to take regular tours. There must be a better way!

What it does

It is an autonomous drone that follows a specified path on request or at regular intervals and returns at the start point. During the travel, the drone streams video from the front camera and the software on the server uses OpenCV to detect if there are persons present.

How we built it

We used the Parrot AR Drone API to make the drone follow a fixed path and return at the start point. OpenCV was used to detect the presence of people in the video stream.

Challenges we ran into

We tried integrating with Twillio to be able to start the surveillance on request by sending a text message and receive status updates as text messages. This cannot be easily done since the server needs to be connected both to the drone and the internet and we also needed a external IP to get Twillio requests.

Also, limited testing time with the drone was a very big challenge for the control software!

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