It generally came to my mind to resolving a real world solution how can I contribute to it

What it does

It tracks for one of the most drought prone areas in California specifically I have used Hanford for our access to Yahoo weather API checks for water availbality at a place when the water level is low the stored water can be poured or utilized for serving the need.Using Artik 10

How I built it

I built it using Temboo library then adding the functionalities into it .I have used Nexmo services or Choreos for adding the capabilities into the solution.I have used Liquid Sensor pump and storage for utilizing the work.used Tp122 transistor and Artik 10 board to complete the circuit.

Challenges I ran into

Temboo library I had to do lot of manipulations in the C Code to get it going.Using updates to install Arduino IDE(less time I spent) and also pushing codes to Artik 10 from Putty.Configuring more than one Wifi setup was a bit of issue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating temboo in Artik 10.utilizing different sensors to work

What I learned

Different ways to create a full proof solution for our IOT needs.Artik 10 works perfect.More work to follow.

What's next for DroughtTrackerWatrProvider

Full historical analysis of drought data implementing Machine Learning.Analysing Power BI Data to make a hub share the information and proper water utilization with connected architecture across all levels in California so we prepare well for future.

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