Wanted to mix different Choreos of Temboo to create an effective IOt Solution

What it does

It works as a n updater for the most drought prone area in California Bakersfield constant updater of Weather,conditions,updating by Nexmo calls and sending alerts with rise in temperature.

How I built it

I built it using Temboo Artik 10 and used different Choreos and mixing it to bring a solution.It combines Wolfram Alfa,Yahoo Weather,Nexmo call services

Challenges I ran into

Creating a new solution using Temboo had to put in lots of effort.Combing different Choreos zipping the file uploading it to Artik 10

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combing different Choreos

What I learned

IOT solution and combing different Apis together

What's next for DroughtMonitorWolframAlfaBakersfield

Sensor shield for Bakerfield with large streaming of Data to Poer BI supportive edge devices to do master slave work and a combined IOT solution

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