In the theme of energy/climate, we chose to focus on water as drought and water concerns are increasing in severity globally. Our team created an online application where the user can find drought information about their region, water conservation tips, and view weather alerts with details/instructions.

The website is viewable from:

Features: Map - The map shows the continental US. The user can either click the target button and share their location to zoom in or manually zoom into a region. Once the zoom is greater than 6, a click on the map will activate a county specific pop up. This pop up contains the county name, state, and drought level.

The Legend below the map explains the drought levels in greater detail.

The Map was implemented with the MapBox API and U.S.Drought Monitor API

Alerts - When a user clicks a county from the map (with zoom > 6), a weather alert may appear above the map, if applicable. The alert will state the area affected and in a dropdown show more details. The Alert was implemented with the National Weather Service API To see this feature in action, CA counties are more likely to show alerts at this time

Tips - shown under the map are sourced from the American Red Cross to educate the user on how they can conserve water.

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