Currently there is a large percentage of the homeless and low income population with access to smartphones. After a lot of time searching we felt as though there wasn't a mobile service that easily listed events nearby that assist those in need all compiled in one application.

What it does

Website - allows for any organization to upload details regarding their events, whether it be a food bank, clothing drive, shelter, or etc. Stores this on a Parse cloud server.

Mobile app - Retrieves this information and displays information about events happening near the user, displayed in a list view as well as map view. Filters events based on date and time. Also links to apple maps to provide directions to each event.

How we built it

Website - built using html, css, and javascript. Used google maps API to convert addresses to geocodes. Parse back end shared across website and mobile app. Mobile app was built using Swift.

Challenges we ran into

Keeping code consistent across website javascript, parse objects, and swift objects. Having inputted date/time adhere to a certain format to maintain consistency and usage on the mobile application. Using Google maps api to convert user inputted address into GeoCoordinates used within the back end. Having to find work arounds due to deprecated code in Swift 2.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having the mobile app update in real time based on what was inputted into the site. Clean UI.

What we learned

How to plan all portions of a full stack project. How to maintain code consistency across platforms. How to work in teams and effectively split up tasks in order to complete the project. How things in your code can indirectly affect how the other person's application works.

What's next for DropZone

We would like to take the mobile app portion and make it accessible through the website for those who do not have access to a smart phone. In addition, we would either like to find or create an API that accesses a large homeless shelter database to provide our app with a static database of shelters and food banks.

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