Our team’s submission for HackGT 8 is DropSpot: an innovative way to connect package deliverers and recipients. In designing DropSpot, we set out to resolve the issue of unclear locations during synchronous delivery interactions (person-to-person handoffs) and asynchronous interactions (drop-offs). DropSpot works by allowing deliverers, upon confirming delivery, to share their exact GPS coordinates, company name, comments, and pictures with us. We then relay this information to the recipient, providing an easy-to-read message and a google maps link with the location pinned. We created DropSpot with the intention of seamlessly integrating it into existing delivery services and we hope that it will improve operations efficiency and reduce lost-package claims. And that’s DropSpot!

Team Leges (Rami Bouhafs, Tyler Gavaletz, Colin Flueck, Noel Igbokwe)

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