Often times we need to send a picture or an attachment from our laptop to our phone, but there is no established way of doing so. Personally, we use Facebook Messenger on one device to send said attachment in a conversation with ourself (yes, this is lonely) and open Messenger on the other device to save the attachment. AirDrop can accomplish this task, but many people do not have both an iPhone and a Macbook laptop (chances are they also have AirPods, iPad and an Apple Pencil like a true fanboy). To represent all other people who suffer from not having all Apple products, we made an easy and seamless way to share attachments.

What it does

Going from phone to computer: select desired pictures or attachments and then upload. Three random words are generated, which when entered into the computer screen, are now transferred to the computer to download and save.

From computer to phone: select and upload desired attachments to send. Once pressing the "Upload" button, a unique QR code appears which is to be scanned on the phone's camera app. This takes you to our website's link which now has your files from your computer available to you.

How we built it

Back-end uses Python and Flask, developed by one member. Front-end utilizes HTML, CSS, and Jinja2, done by two members.

Challenges we ran into

Had an issue at the end with Google services which would allow the team to have the domain "", but this challenge was solved in the early hours of the morning of judging. Two of the three team members are also new to HTML and CSS so many problems occurred, as you may expect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

These two members who are new to HMTL and CSS have made it over the hump and are now able to use these languages for future purposes such as other Hackathons or just out of curiosity to become more proficient.

What we learned

We learned a lot about front and back-end web design.

What's next for DropSpace

Since the team sees a lot of potential in this service (as told by fellow classmates), a mobile-friendly version can be developed in the form of an app- instead of having only the website available.

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