The current lockdown occasioned by the Covid 19 or the Corona Virus practically spells the brink of the brick and mortar enterprise business model. Many sectors of the global economy that are in a near or total lockdown include the travel industry, public transport, hotel and restaurant business, sports and entertainment, conferences and symposiums, the education sector and the retail industry. A good example is the latest case of Corona virus exposure where a person who tested positive with the Covid-19 virus spent hours inside several WalMart stores demonstrating cell phones to customers (March 16, 2020). Henceforth Walmart stores, Starbucks and many leading high human traffic stores have already taken prevention measures to limit such cases by using sanitizing solutions in high touch high traffic areas, sanitizing shopping carts, changing shopping hours to provide more time for thorough cleaning and circulating an advisory to their employees who may not be feeling well to stay at home as well as encouraging their customers to use online purchase features such as mobile apps.

What it does

This project intends to offer the online platform as a service with mix of technology and support for a variety of retail businesses including supermarkets, pharmaceutical retailers and other product vendors to do their business in an environment that; i. Limits human interactions while doing business to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Corona virus) ii. Promotes safe and hygienic delivery of consumer purchases at their doorstep. iii. Adheres to the health and safety standards that relate to the conduct of the business. iv. Encourages a change of consumer and supplier perceptions on conducting retail business from the traditional brick and mortar practices to adopting online business transactions. v. Creating an employment creation avenue for many youth in the administration and management of the business in the various partner stores as well as in the consumer products delivery channel as product sorters, packers and movers. vi. Ensuring an expanded and diverse product variety for online consumers to choose from through providing a huge product portfolio from various retail stores on their mobile application.

How I built it

From scratch based on working models world over like amazon but fine tuned it to the present challenge.

Challenges I ran into

Resources required to accomplish the last-mile deliveries to consumers after they complete orders.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the major retail outlets are going to benefit in terms of increased sales, and increased convenience for consumers. I anticipate a marked reduction in the spread of Corona Virus through social distancing by home shopping. I have been able to put an idea into a form of actionable workplan, thats my pride.

What I learned

It is a continuous learning process everyday.

What's next for Dropship online shopping mart

The portal is going to create jobs for many youth in the product delivery channel. Am sure many people will love the convenience and adopt to online shopping hence creating a resource base for us to expand to other regions and eventually countrywide and regionally.

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