Family Finances offers easy-to-implement mobile solutions that are all design-driven and research- based. We also offer end-to-end research, design and implementation services. We are helping financial institutions understand and speak the same language younger generations do. Our far-reaching vision is a society with better financial consciousness that eventually results in a stronger economy.

What it does

Revolutionary banking solution that takes your youth banking strategy to the next level. It lets users send and receive money from friends, set up savings and track their spending in a fully chat-based interface.

Platform for all kinds of payments - Easy- to-use tool to transfer money to friends or merchants with a single tap • From account to account - Easiest way to

be part of a UX-focused as well as design- driven banking experience.

• There’s no need to top up a prepaid card or use e-money

How we built it

We built an iOS app with a great user experience just like messenger gives. Our UI Frameworks enables to customize the solution to be able to fit for any bank's branding. Our Backend services have been built along an important rule: integrate it to any bank's ecosystem as quick and simple as possible!

Challenges we ran into

The API was just awesome! We ran into a few challenges in terms of calling them, once We thought finally it's not working and We're RIGHT, but were just dump again and forgot to change a header param. So the API is awesome, hopefully we will be able to integrate more of the services to our solutions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sending money through a real banking platform was a great opportunity to learn, and is also great Accomplishment watching it working.

What's next for drops

Connect more services like bots, merchants, transactions.

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