I enjoy Amazon Alexa a.i. and game Fortnite almost every night so I wanted to make a skill to help decide where to land on Fortnite or to give a fun challenge.

What it does

The Skill chooses a random location from the titles of the Fortnite map, or coordinates of places with bountiful loot to save time deciding. It also can give a random challenge if you're looking to spice up the round.

How I built it

I don't know much about coding, especially the day I made it. So its based off a fact skill template I reworded. I add more feature as I learn more about coding.

Challenges I ran into

Plenty, but with youtube and a friend I was able learn/overcome lots and accomplish what I wanted to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning lots everyday, and creating a fun/helpful Alexa skill.

What I learned

Building a basic Alexa skill from scratch.

What's next for Dropper for Fortnite

More challenges and possibly a trivia section to test Fortnite knowledge.

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